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Our Expansive Services: We Are More Than Billing

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

While it’s true that we at Catalyst Billing Solutions provide premier billing services, such as patient registration, patient collections, daily payment posting, and certified coding, it is also true that we are much more than the sum of our name! In addition to state-of-the-art billing solutions, we also offer a plethora of cutting-edge management and consulting services to help you maximize your business – and profits.

Beyond billing, we at Catalyst Billing Solutions help you take charge of your management systems and consulting services. From credentialing to contract negotiations, to auditing of your current billing and operations, let’s take a closer look at some of these services.

Management Services

Credentialing: Are you confident in the qualifications of all your providers? Credentialing refers to verifying a healthcare provider’s proven education, qualifications, and training. It involves contacting the organization that has provided the license, training, and education in order to verify qualifications. Credentialing is part of the hiring process at healthcare facilities, and insurance companies use it to allow the provider to participate in their network. Hiring inept or untrained healthcare providers or allowing them to remain at your organization can lead to malpractice suits. It is vital that credentialing and enrollment of providers is managed properly and kept up to date. Catalyst Billing Solutions has a long and experienced history of thoroughly and expertly verifying credentials. Leave the verification to us!

Contract Negotiations: Are you aware of how reimbursement contracts are signed and executed? When certain contracts are new or up for renewal? What the fine print says in these contracts? How about changes in state and federal regulations? Tracking down these kinds of details takes time and resources – time and resources that you as a medical professional do not have. Most insurance companies are aware of this. All of your time and energy is spent concentrating on your practice, and therefore the temptation to accept the first offer from an insurance company can be irresistible. This results in less profit for your practice. Catalyst Billing Solutions has an extensive history with how insurance companies work, the steps they can go through to avoid payment, and the experience in knowing how to counter their sometimes meager offers. We are tough and tenacious in contract negotiations – let us put in the time and energy for fair contracts and reimbursement so you don’t have to!

Other management services we provide include:

· Accounts Payable

· Physician Payroll

· Financial Services

· Progress Meetings

· Practice Correspondence

· Instant Access to Personnel

Consulting Services

Auditing: Medical auditing is the examination and review of documents and records to ensure accuracy. It verifies that doctors and medical facilities are in compliance with state and federal laws, and with any other rules and regulations of the medical field. But beyond adherence to required rules, why else should you perform medical auditing? Well, audits also make sure there is no missed revenue for the provider. Auditing helps protect a practice against fraudulent claims and suspicious billing activity, helps identify inappropriate coding before it is challenged, and further helps identify untapped opportunities for reimbursement. Our specialized staff at Catalyst Billing Solutions can help you get the absolute most out of a thorough medical audit.

Other consulting services we provide include:

  • Auditing of Current Billing and Operations

  • Contract Assessments for Physician Contracts, Hospital Contracts, and Payer Contracts

  • Compensation Models, Expense, and Overhead Analysis

  • Coding Analysis

Give us a call!

Whether you are a multi-specialty group or a solo practice, Catalyst Billing Solutions has decades of experience in medical billing and management services. Our energetic team is equipped with superior technology and operational brilliance to take your billing operations to the next level of profit and efficiency. Give us a call at 479.452.9416 to find out how!



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